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There are big differences between being “a guy that plays Football” and “a Football player”. Both types can be seen all over the world, more frequently outside of the United States, in countries where the sport is just now getting traction. But how to identify which type are you? Although the signs are all over, that’s an answer that you will only find within yourself.

First, let me get something out of the way. Football can only be a hobby for you if you’re just a fan. It is exciting, it’s a great TV product and watching Football can be very fun. Now, if you want to be on the field, this must become your way of life. If you really want to succeed and be competitive, this sport must be one of your priorities. You need to wake up thinking about Football and go to sleep thinking about Football.

But why can’t Football be a fun thing to do on weekends?

This is a contact sport that may cause severe injury or even death. To treat it as a hobby would be not only stupid but also dangerous. Soccer can be a hobby, or Basketball, or Volleyball… you learn the basic fundamentals, strategies and do it once a week to blow off some steam, get your heart rate up, break a sweat, relieve stress and have fun with your buddies. Unfortunately, you cannot do that in Football.